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Would you like to have your work seen on the pages of Skin Paper Paint Magazine?

Art Submission Request
SkinPaperPaint is a new magazine with the focus on creativity. The style is New School Illustrative for a lack of a better term. We would like to put the focus on the most creative forms of tattooing, graffiti, and other art. We feel this style, in all the different mediums, has melted into one art form on different substrates. Tattoo artists drawing from graffiti and vice versa. We feel that the tattoo industry has shifted to appreciate styles that solely rely on reference and duplication. We are taking it upon ourselves to try and shift some of that focus back to artists like yourself, that work from imagination and creativity to show that there are no limits to this art form. This is where we need your help.

Submissions are the way we do this. If you have received this via email text or DM on social media. It is because we have done some research on your art and we would love for you to be involved in our project. We are looking for a particular style and we think you will be a perfect fit. 
Along with artists Features there will be a few different Gallery sections to show off the work of artists like yourself. There will be different sections for tattoos, graffiti, pencil, marker and of course nowadays, digital art. 

So what we need from you. 
As many hi res images as you would like to send ( 20 or less, don't go crazy)and we want the work you are most proud of. 
Please include Art of all kinds. We want to show how its more than just one medium. 
Also we need your info.
Your Name, location, Social media handles (as many as you like) and email address. 

Please send all submissions  [email protected]
We accept the following file types. JPEG, PNG, AI, Psd, PDF and procreate. 
Please send photos without borders or backgrounds and also too many photo adjustments. We will adjust to make the look of the magazine as fluid and consistent as we can. 
Thank you for taking the time to read through this and we can't wait to see what you send.
Heres the fine print.
By submitting your work to SkinPaperPaint you are giving us permission to put it in the print and online versions of our magazine as well as post it to our social media platforms. You will receive no compensation from SkinPaperPaint. 


Sincerely yours,

SkinPaperPaint Magazine
Tony Ciavarro